Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Marketing

​A major in “Marketing” is offered as Full- time, Part-time or Alternative Part-time Programs. The curriculum includes 66 courses. Students sit for either written or both written and oral examination. Out of the 66 courses, 36 are compulsory, 28 are elective and 4 - optional.


The main objective of the Marketing Program is to build knowledge and skills in all aspects of marketing as a complex market policy: tools, techniques, planning, and strategies, research, analysis and marketing communications.

Some of the Core Courses are:

• Principles of Marketing
• Strategic Marketing;
• International Marketing;
• Foreign Trade;
• Marketing Research;
• Consumer Behavior;
• Sales Management;
• Consumer Goods Marketing;
• Company Merchandising;
• Business Strategies;
• Brand Management;
• Brand Management - Practicum;
• Efficiency of Positioning;
• Corporate PR;
• Practical marketing research;
• PR and reputation management;
• Electronic Commerce;
• Functional value analysis;
• Information Systems in Marketing;
• Advertising;
• Advertising Relations management;
• Integrated marketing communications;
• Marketing intelligence;
• Event Management;

*Up to 10% of the courses change every year.

Teaching and learning methods

The core courses employ various teaching and learning methods such as:

• Honor classes;
• Field and desk marketing research;
• Seminars – in class and online;
• Assignments within PRAD system;
• Case studies;
• Multimedia presentations;
• Field studies –in the country and abroad (mainly in Greece and Turkey);