Other Courses

​Besides the core program of study, MT&M College offers to its students a variety of certificate courses that diversify their skills, knowledge and competences. They include useful and full of fun classes in photography, Bulgarian and English language and a Microsoft IT Academy. Most courses are free or involve a small fee.
They are open to students, lecturers, as well as members of the public.

Bulgarian Language Course

Bulgarian language courses are attended mostly by students from the Erasmus exchange program. However, the access to this course is not restricted to them only. When successfully completed, participants receive certificates of study. Courses are held any time of the year provided there are enough participants.

English Language Course

English language courses are offered to students, lecturers and staff at MT&M College as well as to members of the general public and to companies. Small study groups are formed on the basis of an entrance test to define the applicants’ level of proficiency. The course is held at convenient hours for the participants. All the necessary educational materials can be found in our library. College lecturers and staff attend the course for free and all other participants are charged a fee.

*For more details about English Language Courses, please contact the Information Centre at MT&M College.

Drama course

MT&M College provides an opportunity for students to show and develop their artistic skills in a free drama course. The course was initiated by the college undergraduates and is directed by ILYA and STOYAN PEPELANOVI, actors at the IVAN VAZOV National Theatre in Sofia and the City Theatre of Rousse. Participants perform for the general public, and at theatre festivals. They are also scheduled to perform at some forthcoming drama competitions.

Microsoft IT Academy

The College has been organizing Microsoft office package computer courses (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint etc.) since 2008. The Microsoft IT Academy is open to students as well as the general public. When successfully completed, participants receive certificates of study with the initials of Microsoft. Courses are scheduled to accommodate the availability of participants and take place in a computer-equipped facility at the College.

*For more information regarding the course, please contact the Information Center of MT&M College.

Photography Course

This attractive course includes the basics of photography, types of plans and lenses, photo-story and composition. The course is free for MT&M College students, lecturers and staff. The course teacher is a photographer, representative of one of the best trademarks, “Kodak”. The course is also open to members of the general public.