Information Center

​The Information Center of MT&M College-Sofia is the place where you can get information, various forms and documents, and pay different kinds of fees.

You can obtain information about:

Terms and Announcements

1. Dates and conditions of applying for the new academic year.
2. Examination session schedules: first, second and third session.
3. Schedules and locations of lectures and seminars for the current semester.
4. Terms of payment and enrollment in various core and extra-curricular programs.
5. Various other recent announcements.
6.  Lecturers and staff present on the premises.

Documents and Forms

1. Application documents and forms.
2. Exam application forms.
3. A student status certification document.  
4. A student book-of-grades after an exam or test.

Fees and Fines

1. A fine for missed library deadline.
2. A fee for issuing an Academic Record.
3. A fee for applying to the college, the initial tests and interview.
4. A fee for taking an exam during the third session
5. A fee for issuing the Diploma.

Address of the Information Center at the MT&M College-Sofia:

126 Tzar Boris III blvd.
P.O. Box 1612 Sofia, Bulgaria


Tel.: +359 285 670 82; +359 244 561 48
Mobile: +359 889 869 400
Fax: +359 244 56 145
Email address: