Enrollment 2013

​MT&M College is preferred by young people who:

  • Seek and value greater attention from lecturers at private colleges;
  • Believe that private schools react faster to market demands;
  • Do not share the opinion that it is more difficult for private school graduates to find jobs than for their counterparts from public schools. 


​Application Information Additional Information​ ​Application Results
1. Test​ ​No special preparation required. The test contains logical questions designed to assess applicants’ attitudes to their future profession
​Test results
​2. English language proficiency Test   ​Not scored. Used only to place students into the according language level groups. ​Total average grade from the Secondary Education Diploma
​3.Interview ​Assesses the applicants’ motivation to study at the college. Interview results
4. Application Calendar​ ​First Session 01.06.2013
Second Session 02.09.2013
The two tests and the interview are held on the premises of MT&M College in Sofia