Quality of the Academic Programs

​Accreditation and Quality Management

MT&M College is accredited for four years by a decision dated 27.09.2012 of the National Evaluation Agency (NEAA). We implement the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. We, at MT&M College, work in compliance with the European public procurement standards for educational institutions. Our aim is to combine the best quality management practices. 


MT&M College provides practice-orientated academic programs with the assistance of highly qualified and helpful lecturers.

Highly Appreciated

In 2010 the Council of European Academic and Cultural Affairs Community rewarded MT&M College with the “Gold Book” award “for high social recognition and contribution to the development of Bulgarian higher education”.

The award is accompanied by the Gold Seal for European Management in Higher Education. All important correspondence of the College is stamped with the seal.

Contemporary Education

MT&M College is open to new technologies and provides contemporary education to its students through an online PRAD platform (Personal Creativity Activation Directory). The portal serves as a communication tool between students and lecturers, as specific work assignments and their assessment can be placed there. Using their personal online profiles, students and lecturers have access to all courses and classes at the College. PRAD platform is used not only for quick access to various study materials and assessment of different tasks but also for online surveys.