Mission, Principles, Approach

​MT&M College is an informed, competent and responsible teaching institution. It prepares trade, business and marketing specialists, who can deal with problems in the economy, communicate well in diverse language and cultural settings, understand world markets, occupy managerial and executive positions in private and public companies or develop their own businesses.

“Non scholae, sed vitae discimus”
(“Not for school, for life we learn!”)

Seneca’ thought is emblematic for MT&M College. The College is committed to it and coveys it to its students for years to come.

Principles and Approach

Since 1993 the college has been providing accessible and practice-oriented degrees in marketing and entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to creating a “working knowledge”. Our teaching approach focuses exclusively on meeting the specific requirements of careers in marketing.

Knowledge-based success

MT&M College motivates students to study for the sake of learning and knowing rather than just scoring well. We believe that students’ success depends on our ability to give them attention and to challenge them.

Contemporary and Flexible Learning

MT&M College offers a flexible course schedule to suit individual preferences of students. Our students learn in a friendly and well-intentioned team environment. We make sure that our lecturers and teaching materials are always up-to-date.